IPA: ɫɑkˈɑnɪk


  • Using as few words as possible; pithy and concise.
  • Of or relating to ancient Laconia in Greece.

Examples of "laconic" in Sentences

  • Some of his statements are laconic.
  • The current version is somewhat laconic.
  • I find the laconic revert not good style.
  • He was, in fact, laconic and tight lipped.
  • The laconic candidate statement seems quite.
  • It's a laconic item that is legitimate in the article.
  • I must have some kind of laconic contempt of pleasure.
  • In its absence, the laconic could not but seem insensible.
  • Plus, he wouldn't have to look up "laconic" in the dictionary.
  • Chris Adams, a Cajun, is the laconic leader of a band of seven gunmen.
  • But articles are supposed to be written with a laconic tact for the gist.
  • They love to drink wine or beer and are curiously laconic and pessimistic.
  • The Spartans were dignified, austere, and of few words, "laconic" in speech.
  • So, it seems that we get the word 'laconic' from the Spartans, or Laconians, of ancient Greece.
  • He brings a new meaning to the word laconic and his choice of words is as accurate as his spicing.
  • Bush, on the other hand, was characterized as a laconic, likable fella who you'd want to have a beer with at a backyard cook-out.
  • Tanaka Gin was a slender, dark-faced man with the kind of laconic grace one often found in Japan's cinema detec - tives or samurai heroes.
  • This style of speaking, where much was said in few words, was so usual in the whole country of Laconia, that it is still known as the laconic style.
  • The screen writers did their homework in preserving many famous sayings attributed to the Spartans, who were noted in antiquity for their "laconic" style of speaking.
  • At its best, "Cop Diary" recalled the old New Yorker - not the famously twee New Yorker of the Shawn era, glorious as that could be, but an older old New Yorker, a kind of laconic blarney with roots deep in Joseph Mitchell.

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