IPA: ɫɑkˈɑnɪsɪzʌm


  • Alternative form of laconism [(uncountable, rhetoric) Extreme brevity in expression.]

Examples of "laconicism" in Sentences

  • Studious in their laconicism, adroit in misanthropism.
  • Doctor Rabelais 'model for laconicism, and a moment she stood there with a slight frown.
  • To say the Commedia infinitely astonishes amounts, as far as I'm concerned, to laconicism.
  • "If I don't get to liking 'em, I don't care what happens to em," Bill answered with his father's own laconicism.
  • The linguistic laconicism cannot be carried any further; every trace of embellishment and jingle has been cleared away.
  • A single card, upon which were pasted horizontally, vertically and obliquely a number of cut-out figures, deserved to go down in history for its laconicism.
  • His laconicism and intimacy can be considered the marks of a trend; a special genre term has, in fact, already been coined to reflect the way the actors, mostly non-professionals, speak in his films: 'mumblecore'.
  • Indeed, it is a sign how little we are truly civilized, that such silence or laconicism as this, can be met constantly outside the class (invariably cunning) of peasants; indeed, among men exercising what we are pleased to call

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