IPA: mʌkˈɑkʌ


  • (dated) Any of a group of Old World monkeys of the genus Macaca; a macaque.

Examples of "macaca" in Sentences

  • Please do not move this page to Macaca without a discussion.
  • The article is about the 'word macaca', not about one political view.
  • The scientific name of the Crab eating Macaque is Macaca fascicularis.
  • Many thanks for providing the species list for Macaca, and the picture.
  • Not only that, but the opening paragraph mentions the macaca controversy.
  • Do you believe that, that he just made up the word macaca out of nowhere?
  • In fact, the word Macaca doesn't even appear on the currently linked page.
  • I was a little dubious of the changes he made to the Macaca section as well.
  • Some hormonal responses to electrical self stimulation in the Macaca mulatta.
  • Discovery of the Tibetan macaque Macaca thibetana in Arunachal Pradesh, India.
  • Of course, the 2006 elections have given the word macaca a familiar nonscientific connotation in the United States.
  • Now the word 'macaca' is synonymous with not only Sen. Allen's failed re-election bid, but with the power of online video in politics.
  • George Allen is again saying that he regrets using the term "macaca" to refer to a Democratic campaign volunteer of Indian ancestry in 2006.
  • In some European cultures, macaca is also considered a racial slur against African immigrants, according to several Web sites that track ethnic slurs.
  • GREENFIELD: Virginia Senator George Allen says he had no idea that the term macaca, that he aimed at a volunteer working for his rival, is a common racial slur in parts of North Africa, homeland of the senator's mother.
  • Siddarth, a fourth-year University of Virginia student, was video taping the event and Webb's campaign posted it on the Internet, quickly transforming Allen's use of the word macaca, a long-tailed Asian monkey, into an 800-pound gorilla.
  • Senator Allen apologized for making a mistake -- who doesn't make a mistake -- but he really didn't make a mistake in the first place: it was the liberal media that made up with the story that "macaca" is a racial slur in North Africa; in Viriginia, it means "bubba."

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