IPA: mʌkˈædʌm


  • (uncountable) The surface of a road consisting of layers of crushed stone (usually tar-coated for modern traffic).
  • (US, dated, countable) Any road or street.
  • A surname from Scottish Gaelic.
  • Alternative form of MacAdam [A surname from Scottish Gaelic.]


  • (transitive) To cover or surface with macadam.

Examples of "macadam" in Sentences

  • In the UK this would be macadam or the like.
  • Macadam died in 1865 after a ship board accident.
  • This mineral provides bulk for concrete and macadam.
  • The remaining courts have all weather macadam surfaces.
  • The macadam method spread very quickly across the world.
  • Finally, the original sections of the road were not macadam.
  • Virac is crisscrossed by macadam, asphalt and concrete roads.
  • A machine for recycling macadam highway pavement is disclosed.
  • Virac is criss crossed by macadam, asphalt and concrete roads.
  • This name is a reference to the paving process named by MacAdam.
  • To give you a feel for how long ago this was the main beneficiaries of the macadam were the new fangled bicycle-men.
  • It was the first major road in the nation to employ the new system of "macadam" surface - a mixture of broken rock and tar.
  • John McAdam designed the first modern highway of inexpensive paving material of soil and stone aggregate known as macadam during the Industrial Revolution.
  • The splendid kunkah is now gradually giving place to ordinary macadam, which is far less desirable, the heavy, pelting rain washing away the clay and leaving the surface rough.
  • "macadam" (a singular dish of rice stewed with salt fish -- _diri épi coubouyon lamori_), akras, etc.; but her bouts probably bring her the largest profit -- they are all bought up by the békés.
  • All was wild and solitary, and one might have declared it a scene untrodden by the foot of man, but for the telegraph posts and small piles of broken "macadam" at punctual intervals, and the ginger-beer bottles and paper bags of local confectioners that lent an air of civilisation to the road.

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