macadamia nut

IPA: mækʌdˈeɪmiʌnˈʌt


  • The hard-shelled edible seed of the macadamia tree.

Examples of "macadamia-nut" in Sentences

  • “He had a macadamia-nut muffin and nothing happened.”
  • Barry, who was 66, was preparing land on his Big Island macadamia-nut farm that he would run in retirement.
  • Avocado oil imparts a light fruitiness to salad dressings; macadamia-nut oil works on salads, too, and is ideal for baking.
  • On Thanksgiving, she got recipes from Mr. Benedict's mom, and made all his favorite dishes, including macadamia-nut cookies.
  • “Cindy won with a recipe for oatmeal butterscotch cookies, narrowly beating out Michelle Obama with her recipe for macadamia-nut cookies filled with hope.”
  • Behind the counter, an employee was spreading thick, yellow icing on a fat, round cake while another slid a hunk of white-chocolate macadamia-nut cheese cake into a customer's waiting hand and grooved to the music, Iggy Pop's "Lust for Life."
  • Though a waiter was slow to come, we were glad we stuck around to enjoy the coconut bread pudding with macadamia-nut ice cream and a "dreamsicle" -- a frozen soufflé ice with an almond biscuit, navel-orange salad and an orange-licorice emulsion.
  • High-quality flavoring oils are also starting to find their way into ordinary American grocery stores, says Neil Albert , vice president of sales and marketing at Olivado USA, which distributes cold-pressed avocado and macadamia-nut oil produced for a New Zealand company.

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