IPA: mʌkˈɑk


  • Any of a group of Old World monkeys of the subfamily Cercopithecinae, especially genus Macaca.

Examples of "macaque" in Sentences

  • There are two macaque monkeys in the zoo.
  • The Papua macaque problem is comparative to a spill.
  • The word macaque has also been used as a racial slur.
  • The valley is a habitat for the rare Lion Tailed Macaque.
  • Crab eating macaque is the least commonly used of it names.
  • The hair of the Lion tailed Macaque is dark brown or black.
  • The sanctuary is a refuge of the endangered Lion tailed macaque.
  • For example spiny neurons of the striatum of macaque are one species.
  • It may be derived from the name of the genus comprising macaque monkeys.
  • The typical animal model for vaccine research is the monkey, often the macaque.
  • A Japanese macaque is on the loose, having escaped from the Bergeron Animal Sanctuary.
  • * To be fair to Senator Allen, the monkey is actually called a macaque of the genus macaca.
  • The remark is considered a racial slur in some countries, referring to a macaque, a kind of monkey.
  • It's a derivative of macaque, which is a type of monkey, apparently commonly addressed at Moroccans and other N.
  • It's a French slur, derived from the word macaque, as in monkey, used against the dark-skinned people of North Africa.
  • Crop damage by the macaque is widespread; patterns of crop damage are similar across altitudinal zones and do not seem to be correlated with macaque density.
  • If the fact that there are 550 hairs in the average human eyebrow prompts you to feel superior to the macaque, which is 550 hairs short, you conceal it well.
  • Rhesus monkeys have long been used by scientists trying to understand human physiology (a macaque was the first primate ever to rocket into the stratosphere, and we owe our ability to identify human blood types to research done on rhesus monkeys).

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