IPA: mækɝˈoʊni


  • (uncountable) A type of pasta in the form of short tubes; sometimes loosely, pasta in general.
  • (derogatory, historical) A fop, a dandy; especially a young man in the 18th century who had travelled in Europe and who dressed and often spoke in an ostentatiously affected Continental manner.
  • (obsolete) A macaroon.


  • (historical) Chic, fashionable, stylish; in the manner of a macaroni.

Examples of "macaroni" in Sentences

  • She is addicted to macaroni and cheese.
  • Once again, the cheese to her macaroni.
  • But that wasn't as sad as Macaroni soup.
  • Macaroni technically must not contain eggs.
  • She likes to eat macaroni and cheese and pizza.
  • A portion of the factory was used for macaroni production.
  • The French contemporaries of the macaronis were the Incroyables.
  • This creamy four-cheese macaroni is comfort food to some dieters.
  • Elbow macaroni is commonly used in macaroni and cheese and other dishes.
  • Add elbow or shell macaroni and continue to cook until the macaroni is done.
  • It is similar to macaroni cheese, though using cauliflower instead of macaroni.
  • It may contain macaroni, and it may contain cheese, but it is not macaroni and cheese.
  • Specialty is a manufacturer of private label macaroni and cheese, skillet dinners and sides and salads.
  • The Italian term macaroni first appeared in the 13th century and was applied to various shapes, from flat to lumpy.
  • Charles Fox was once known as a macaroni, despite him being a tad too overweight to look decent in his tight clothing.
  • Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, produces private label macaroni and cheese, skillet dinners and other value-added side dishes and salads.
  • Macaroni Explained if you remember from a previous post, i was questioning the usage of the word macaroni in the song 'yankee doodle'.
  • I also recall the macaroni tailor telling me that undergarments such as corsets and panniers were used to create the correct shape of the body that nature stubbornly refused to create.
  • What it does mean is building in features that make a home safe and accessible for someone in a wheelchair, someone who has arthritis or trouble with steps, or even someone who is short and shouldn't be balancing on a stool to retrieve hot macaroni from a microwave (a grandchild, for example).

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