IPA: mækɝˈɑnɪk


  • (literature) A work of macaronic character.
  • (linguistic morphology) A word consisting of a mix of words of two or more languages.
  • Such a word that mixes Latin morphemes with non-Latin ones.


  • (archaic) Jumbled, mixed.
  • (literature) Written in a hodgepodge mixture of two or more languages.
  • (dated) Like a macaroni or dandy; foppish, trifling, affected.

Examples of "macaronic" in Sentences

  • Macaronic language is a literary device, not a language.
  • The concept of a macaronic verse was new for me as well as for Matt.
  • Many are macaronic, a mixture of Latin and German or French vernacular.
  • How is a patois compared or contrasted to the concept of a macaronic language
  • Now we're getting macaronic articles in a combination of English and Dog Latin.
  • It was what is called a macaronic poempart English, part Latinand was an elegy on the death of somebody or other.
  • Vittorio Vettori (d. 1763), and Folengo, the first of the so-called macaronic writers; the jurist Piacentino (twelfth century),
  • I cannot express in words how disspointed I was to find that “macaronic” did not refer to poetry sung to the tune of “Macarena”
  • If the macaronic inclusion of ecclesiastical Latin is too sober for your holiday, you can always set the Wayback Machine to last year's wassails.
  • Richard, if you wish to post my macaronic exercise, I have no objections whatsoever, with an understanding that I have no claim of its being a good poetry.
  • Parceque librum non a rendu "is the kind of macaronic French and Latin which schoolboys are accustomed to write under a sketch of the borrower expiating his offences on the gallows.
  • In the course of the conversation one of the PT crew composed a two-stanza poem in macaronic style, in which the lines of the poem are in different languages but the meter and rhyme scheme are preserved through the language shifts.

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