IPA: mækɝˈun


  • A soft biscuit or cookie prepared with almond or coconut dough.
  • (archaic) A coarse, rude, low fellow.
  • Alternative spelling of macaron [Any of various confections made with almond and egg white, traditionally made in France.]

Examples of "macaroon" in Sentences

  • The range also includes fudge, tablet and macaroon.
  • In the series she dies after choking on her own macaroon.
  • I always thought a macaroon was a chocolate-coconut candy until I saw stuff like this and this.
  • To find unsweetened dried coconut, sometimes called macaroon coconut, try a health-food store, where it's often sold among the bulk goods.
  • The English spelling is "macaroon," but the French confection is not to be confused with the dense chewy treat made with sweetened coconut.
  • What most of us know as a macaroon is usually made with coconut, sometimes almond paste, and it's sometimes swirly, sometimes round, frequently dense and often tasty, but rarely light, elegant or ooh-la-la worthy.
  • Cookies have existed since the 600's and appear to have originated in Persia and were popularized and sweetened after they were brought to cookie was named by the Dutch as "Koekje" which was anglicized to become the word: cookies during the American Pilgrimage were the macaroon from the French and the gingerbread cookie from the Dutch.

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