IPA: mækʌdˈɔɪn


  • A mixture of diced vegetables or fruit served as a salad.
  • (figurative) A medley or mixture.

Examples of "macedoine" in Sentences

  • Some fruitsalads may be Macedoine but not all are.
  • And some Macedoine may contain fruit, but not all do.
  • Haidt, of course, doesn't stop at making a macedoine of disgust and morality.
  • Macedoine can be used of any medley of unrelated things, not necessarily edible.
  • Cook a macedoine of vegetables separately, and garnish each fillet with some of it, then cook them in a covered stewpan
  • Two basic mixtures appear here for the first time: a chiffonnade, printed or perhaps misprinted as chifouade, and a macedoine.
  • The macedoine à la Paysanne is composed of peas, broad fava beans, green beans diced to the size of a pea, and carrot slices, the whole being cooked in butter.26
  • Lemesurier not only gives the original prophecies in Nostradamus' original argot Occitan French with a macedoine of other vocabulary, but a complete concordance to them.
  • In spite of our own common sense and all rational evidence to the contrary, we seem to buy unquestioningly into any old macedoine-mashup of dopey, absurd stuff, just because it's on the Internet, and we won't believe the most obvious and verifiable truths from something as vetted and cross-checked as a real encyclopedia.

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