IPA: mˈeɪsɝ


  • A mace bearer; specifically, an officer of a court in Scotland.
  • (slang) A cardsharp.

Examples of "macer" in Sentences

  • Macerate the raspberries in lime juice.
  • Absinthine is left behind in a macerate.
  • You need to macerate the fruits into water.
  • The are produced by a long maceration process.
  • This process is sometimes known as maceration.
  • A wine can also be made by macerating the herb.
  • This is required to be macerated before it gets cook.
  • This medicine macerates into water, making it more edible.
  • Following the initial maceration is a slow distillation process.
  • The bitterness and maceration are definitely among its particularities.
  • He gart the cannons and guns to roar, and the very macer cried 'Cruachan!'
  • The macer ` pitched the baby card, 'and of course lost, as well as the unfortunate victim.
  • When the macer had withdrawn, Melville left the manse, and, confiding his intention to only
  • While seated at table, the macer of the Council appeared with a warrant charging him to enter the
  • William Langlands, an apparitor or macer (bacularius) of the See of St Andrews, presented these letters to the curate of the church of
  • He got one glimpse of the _sans culottes_, appealed again to the De Chenier macer in his ancestry, and flung the flambeau at the first who entered.
  • You must know, that one of the requisites to be a macer, or officer in attendance upon our supreme court, is, that they shall be men of no knowledge.
  • “It is really a matter of necessity,” said the younger counsellor, retained for her sister; and Jeanie reluctantly followed the macer of the Court to the place appointed.
  • "They'll sequester me none"; he returned, grimly; "and if Dunsappie the macer tries it I'll have him read out of the church, for I know of him that which makes me able to do it!"
  • The landlord pressed his demand upon the macer, who, in fact, was privately reimbursed by the marker; but he was coolly told that he ought not to allow such improper practices in his house, and that the sum was not recoverable, the transaction being illegal.

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