IPA: mæsɝˈeɪʃʌn


  • The act or process of macerating.

Examples of "maceration" in Sentences

  • The are produced by a long maceration process.
  • This process is sometimes known as maceration.
  • Winemakers often use carbonic maceration to soften the tannins.
  • Following the initial maceration is a slow distillation process.
  • The bitterness and maceration are definitely among its particularities.
  • The color will deepen as well; it's basically the "maceration" process.
  • The book features detailed descriptions of the techniques of scent extraction such as maceration and enfleurage. "
  • In Provence, this process, known as maceration, is very short, which gives the wine a light color and a very delicate feel.
  •  Protect the skin from too much moisture: When skin gets too wet - a condition called maceration - it is more likely to break down.
  • Egg producers notably defend grinding up of newly hatched male chicks -- called maceration -- and other "euthanasia" on business rather than humane grounds.
  • On the other end, you have the winemakers who treat cabernet franc like it's cabernet sauvignon blanc, extending maceration and bludgeoning it with new oak.
  • The third and final type of case which may confront the identification officer concerns the problem of maceration, that is, long immersion of the fingers in water.
  • We have, on a previous occasion, described the process of "maceration" or "enfleurage," that is, the impregnation of purified fat with the aroma of certain scented flowers which do not yield any essential oil in paying quantities.

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