IPA: mʌʃˈɛti


  • A sword-like tool used for cutting large plants with a chopping motion, or as a weapon. The blade is usually 50 to 65 centimeters long, and up to three millimeters thick.
  • A small stringed instrument from Madeira, Portugal, having a double bulged body, traditionally of wood, with a small rib and four metallic strings, sometimes attached by wooden pegs.


  • To cut or chop with a machete.
  • To hack or chop crudely with a blade other than a machete.

Examples of "machete" in Sentences

  • Machete is therefore the best term.
  • Unmounted, it handled like a machete.
  • This rubbish needs to be reedited with a machete.
  • But you are using a machete instead of a scalpel.
  • The parang is the Malay equivalent of the machete.
  • And now 6 years later, his machete is still as sharp.
  • The third Machete is the brother of the first Machete.
  • Athalia was beheaded with a machete in broad daylight.
  • Old Tomás warned him, "I may be old, but my machete is young!"
  • He has an cameo in the film adaption of the faux trailer Machete.
  • The best I could do is hack out large chunks of underbrush with a machete.
  • Jason holds a machete like one should hold a machete and whacks away with it.
  • To them, carving out an eight month old foetus with a machete is much more than an aggravated assault upon the mother, it is an assault upon a second human being.
  • They do carry machetes when they go out walking at night or in the campo, but (other than for work) the machete is mainly as protection against dogs or to whack a snake if they happen across one.

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