IPA: mæʃʌneɪt


  • (transitive, intransitive) To devise a plot or secret plan; to conspire.

Examples of "machinate" in Sentences

  • “No,” I said, closing my eyes and trying to machinate as Honey-ishly as possible.
  • Our tax dollars pay for people to sit in a room and machinate about all the likely next horrible things that could happen.
  •  Here, I had no buddies to carp with, no enemies to machinate against, only a father who never liked me, and now, didn't even know me.
  • Are you all missing the good old days when you could machinate and obfuscate all day long about Mann, the Hockey team and statistical felonies they committed?
  • As he lay gathering strength to sit up in bed, which treat had been promised him in ten days, Aladdin's mind worked hard over the future, and what he could machinate in order one day to be almost worthy to kiss the dust under Margaret's feet.
  • He would machinate with really considerable energy, and repair to a certain gallery high above the street of moving ways, from which he could view the entrance to the barrack of the Labour Company in the ward which sheltered Denton and Elizabeth.

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