IPA: mʌʃˈinkʌntrˈoʊɫd


  • operated by automation

Examples of "machine-controlled" in Sentences

  • In the near future, automobile design and reproduction will be entirely machine-controlled.
  • Usually in that machine-controlled city, winning the Democratic primary is tantamount to being elected.
  • Industry, children and degraded machine-controlled public ownership the latest development of standards in
  • Hektor is an inkjet printer made out of a can of spraypaint and a series of clever, machine-controlled pulleys.
  • Not only make they hive away electronic mail addresses, but they also have got the ability to direct out scheduled machine-controlled emails.
  • And by the time they had grasped the meaning of this strange industrial world in which they found themselves, they were in the relentless grasp of machine-controlled industry.
  • Sensory experience could be directly machine-controlled through the stimulation of the appropriate areas of the sensory cortex and the movements of the simulated body would be under the control of the source mind, but there would be no need for the source body to actually move.
  • At home they believed what the machine-controlled newspapers said of me -- that I was a "manly, independent young man," that I was "making a vigorous stand for what was honest in public affairs," that I was the "honorable and distinguished son of an honorable and distinguished father."
  • The debates on Free Trade in the House of Commons in 1905 towards the close of Mr. Balfour's administration were very real and full of life, because argument could and did affect the votes of members, but if the process continues of excluding all elements save those of the machine-controlled, debates will become more and more formal.

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