IPA: mʌʃˈindrˈɪvʌn


  • operated by automation

Examples of "machine-driven" in Sentences

  • Bradley also said that machine-driven science could provide an ego-reduced alternative.
  • It's an experimental story for the magazine's "Form" issue and is one of a series of stories Davis is doing with "machine-driven" collaborators.
  • The launch systems and flight monitoring had been turned over to the machines, too, as the success of the machine-driven spacecraft development process had been proven. 

  • And while the Democratic Party has been renewed nationwide, Boston (a bastion for the Democratic party) is still stuck in the same tired, machine-driven politics of the past.
  • Big box bookstores are more successful than smaller, more localized bookstore in the unfree, government-regulated, privilege-infused, development machine-driven actually existing market.
  • It was a provocative idea, not just because he was substituting several human tasks for machine-driven ones, but also because he didn't make the usual false promise that technology would simplify the process.
  • Will the activist, social justice, community development, academic, social service and environmental activist leaders of Chicago come up with someone to oppose the corporate and machine-driven candidate that will surely emerge?
  • There is little to distract us, however, from the arresting vision of the Temeraire on its final voyage, and the ineffable sense that we are witnessing the end of an era, a stately passage from an age that had harnessed human valor to one of machine-driven power.

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