machine gunner

IPA: mʌʃˈingˈʌnɝ


  • Alternative spelling of machine-gunner [(military) Someone who uses a machine gun.]


IPA: mʌʃˈingˈʌnɝ


  • (military) Someone who uses a machine gun.

Examples of "machine-gunner" in Sentences

  • The machine-gunner finished setting up his weapon and let loose a fusillade of bullets.
  • Krueger fired again, winging the machine-gunner and causing the man to drop his weapon with a curse.
  • Groton arrived in Vietnam as an enlisted Marine Corps machine-gunner in 1965, he was captured in an ambush and held in
  • But when she arrived in Iraq she discovered what they didn't tell her: that she would be the machine-gunner for the unit.
  • Krueger scanned the treeline, letting the crosshairs drift over riflemen and pistoleers, searching for the machine-gunner.
  • The dead machine-gunner had also been wearing a watch—a nice, rubberized number with a built-in calendar and a quality wriststrap.
  • While working as a teenager at a textile factory she saw the civil war movie Chapayev, about a famous woman machine-gunner named ‘Anka’.
  • As Korean War machine-gunner Robert Haas puts it, "If a pregnant women catches a slug in the gut, what's the statistic: one dead soldier or two?"
  • Krueger, a little winded from throwing the heavy body and toting the weapons back and forth, huffed and puffed his way up the rise to where the corpse of the machine-gunner lay.
  • Each member had a German Heckler and Koch submachine gun slung across his back and a pistol strapped to his side, but they would be no match for one Iraqi machine-gunner on the beach.

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