IPA: mʌʃˈinɫaɪk


  • Resembling a machine; mechanical in form

Examples of "machinelike" in Sentences

  • It was machinelike in an ancient way, like the Gutenberg press.
  • But from a golf perspective, "machinelike" would be a perfect description of his play.
  • It was super-machinelike, and it helped to crush out the glimmering bit of soul that was all that was left him from former life.
  • As for Adams's trademark pulsating, machinelike faster passages, one felt for the BSO musicians, each counting frantically and trying not to be the one cog that disrupts the machine.
  • The men who made the New Deal were driven by dreams of a machinelike society, in which all members, from the leaders of government to the lowliest workers, would be parts designed, built, and employed entirely for their function within the whole apparatus.
  • Since its earliest days, Brin and Page have been consistent in framing Google as an artificial intelligence company—one that gathers massive amounts of data and processes that information with learning algorithms to create a machinelike intelligence that augments the collective brain of humanity.
  • What's different is the notion that, as computers can be seen, with inroads into artificial intelligence, as becoming more lifelike, so too can humans now be reconceived as an intelligent machine with distributed cognitive systems, as becoming more machinelike, which is simply another way of saying we have as much in common with computers as computers do with us and the sooner we acknowledge that fact, the better.

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