IPA: mʌʃˈinɝi


  • The machines constituting a production apparatus, in a plant etc., collectively.
  • The working parts of a machine as a group.
  • The collective parts of something which allow it to function.
  • (figuratively) The literary devices used in a work, notably for dramatic effect

Examples of "machinery" in Sentences

  • The haulage machinery is also used.
  • The machinery in the mill was installed.
  • They had to demolish using the machinery.
  • He clambered over the bridge's machinery.
  • He was semiskilled in oilers of machinery.
  • It is an ashen waste filled with broken machinery.
  • Democratic machinery is unrelenting in going after Palin.
  • Much of the machinery in the mill is demonstrated working.
  • The mine was the victim of sabotage of equipment and machinery.
  • Carefully maintained machinery was referred to with terms of endearment.
  • Bigger firms work in the fields of machinery, footwear and the floor industry.
  • The Democratic machinery is unrelenting in going after Palin because it is so easy to do.
  • Milly would, if she could, have stuck her fingers into what she called the machinery of the thing.
  • This serves to make our savings available for real investment - investment in machinery, R&D, etc.
  • Seems like focusing on machinery is likely to be less protective than focusing on morality and practice.
  • A lot of knitting and weaving machinery is controlled by punched cards - so were computers for a long time.
  • The remarkable thing about the machinery is the extent to which it truly functions in the way you and I imagine or think of a machine.
  • However, I must admit that I got hung up on “crane fly,” because I thought that was a different name for a Crane (as in machinery), but once I understood, I started back at the beginning and throughly enjoyed the story.
  • The great rotary presses in the basement of the _Record_ building had filled him with a new enthusiasm: he had painted there, and Sir James had bought at sight, what he called a machinery-scape in the manner of Heinrich Kley.

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