IPA: mʌʃˈinʌst


  • A constructor of machines and engines; someone knowledgeable about machines.
  • A person skilled in the use of machine tools for fashioning metal parts or tools out of metal.
  • A person who operates machinery.
  • A person employed to shift scenery in a theater.

Examples of "machinist" in Sentences

  • I'm an engineering machinist by trade.
  • She is also the machinist of the gang.
  • After the war, Laurie worked as a machinist.
  • After leaving school he learned the machinist trade.
  • He went to work for the railroadcompany as a machinist.
  • The role of the machinist in manufacturing is important.
  • He learned the machinist trade and became a skilled mechanic.
  • He attended the common schools, and became a machinist by trade.
  • In Japan, machinist is considered as one of the difficult occupations.
  • A walkout would strip tens of thousands of Machinists of their paychecks.
  • The workman in the old machine shop was known as a machinist, an apprentice or a helper.
  • He's a journeyman, which is the top rating for machinist, meaning he can make almost any part in a Boeing airliner.
  • The worker in the machine shop of today is no longer known as a machinist, because that term does not cover the present range of positions.
  • The machinist was a widow, and her machine had been bought out of her husband's club and insurance money when he died twenty-one years before.
  • Occupations with an increase in employment included some manufacturing and logistics occupations, such as machinist and transportation-worker supervisors.
  • This continuous assault has not been limited to farm labor, as proponents like to suggest, but includes many well compensated positions, (such as machinist and mechanic), for large companies.

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