IPA: mʌtʃˈɪzmoʊ


  • (informal) An excessive masculine pride.
  • exaggerated masculinity
  • characteristic, behavior or particularity of Male; Macheza.
  • (Latin American) male chauvinism, misogyny

Examples of "machismo" in Sentences

  • Don't confuse intellect with machismo.
  • Machismo is a form of masculine culture.
  • I don't think a 'machismo mindset' explains much.
  • Machismo is a form of westernized masculine culture.
  • Second escapist fantasy is not a display of machismo.
  • It also relates to concepts such as masculinity and machismo.
  • The former being very interesting in the context of machismo.
  • He starts drinking, believing that it is a symbol of machismo.
  • He starts drinking, believing that its the symbol of machismo.
  • The machismo of the pelado, he argues, is the result of an inferiority complex.
  • The whiny voice and convoluted over-estimation of his own machismo is now dead to me.
  • That they manage to portray their pearl-clutching and feinting as machismo is a miracle of public relations and media manipulation.
  • We all need a wake up call sometimes, and too many college guys just need to wake up to the fact that their machismo is immature, unappreciated, more than unattractive.
  • However, with isolated exceptions, Mexico has been a male-dominated society for a long time, and the spirit of machismo is still very strong in many parts of the country.
  • I know there are some people to whom machismo is a turn-on, but if they have any sense, they'll save it for their personal ads and keep it out of the foreign policy of the United States.
  • Though it’s understandable how a culture that invented the term machismo might be uncomfortable lionizing a gay icon, it’s ironic that Morrissey has now been adopted by two diametrically opposed subcultures.

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