IPA: mˈɑtʃoʊ


  • A macho person; a man who is masculine in an overly assertive or aggressive way.
  • The striped mullet of California (Mugil cephalus, syn. Mugil mexicanus).
  • A male llama.
  • Initialism of massive astrophysical compact halo object.


  • (informal) Masculine in an overly assertive or aggressive way.

Examples of "macho" in Sentences

  • He is a macho, gruff, and sometimes brutish man.
  • He also assisted Macho Man in the tournament finals.
  • One of the most macho guys there is openly bisexual.
  • I loved the thrill, the money, the whole macho thing.
  • The Macho male is revealed quite gruesomely in this work.
  • The panel is composed of important, macho, and famous men.
  • The macho syndrome is never more evident than in football.
  • Randy Duggan is the macho man of the title of this work of fiction.
  • Aditi dreams of a virile, macho husband, while Jai is the contrary.
  • Contrast the male characters with the often macho male leads of shonen comics.
  • My understanding of the meaning of the Spanish word macho in México is that it is generally a demeaning term, probably very close to the meaning of the word “chauvinist” in English.

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