macho man

IPA: mˈɑtʃoʊmæn


  • A hypermasculine, sexually attractive, virile man.


IPA: mˈɑtʃoʊmˈæn


  • a man who is virile and sexually active

Examples of "macho-man" in Sentences

  • For those not in the know, this is a macho-man automobile show.
  • Fire fighters are real-like I said-the macho-man stuff, and you don't let people see you sweat.
  • Bill Clinton was macho-man in Pennsylvania, talking tough about not going on the field if you can't play with the men.
  • I think there are a great many Americans of all political persuasions who would be happy to see the end of macho-man politics and foreign policy.
  • "This may result in rape being used by unbalanced individuals to demonstrate male dominance, especially if a macho-man subculture is also present," the researchers say.
  • It's strange to hear the McCain camp try to argue he's got unassailable macho-man war hero cred, at the same time he's whining about his "victimhood" at the hands of the "Mommy Party."
  • Independent Mexico City agency Anonimo came up with the unusual bicentennial concept "Let's Celebrate 200 Years of Mustaches," playing off one of Mexico's most iconic national symbols, the macho-man mustache, as sported by revolutionary Pancho Villa.
  • There are a million and a half of them -- and more are coming -- who will rise up when macho-man John McCain is too pitiful, too weak, to control his 527 pet pit bulls (He can't stop 527s -- but wants us to believe he can say "Boo!" and Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan will tremble?).
  • Montaigne, however, sticks with the stupid macho-man misogynist partriarchal line and declares that “women are in truth not normally capable of responding to such familiarity and mutual confidence as sustain that holy bond of friendship, nor do their souls seem firm enough to withstand the clasp of a knot so lasting and so tightly drawn.”

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