IPA: mˈækʌnɔ


  • A heavy woolen cloth.
  • A blanket made of wool, formerly distributed to the Amerindians by the U.S. government.
  • A flat-bottomed cargo boat; mackinaw boat.

Examples of "mackinaw" in Sentences

  • My favorite one is the light house in mackinaw.
  • The Mackinaw got off to a rocky start before being commissioned.
  • The Mackinaw Depot is one of only a few left standing and in use.
  • I have removed the offending line from the Mackinaw City article.
  • The 'Mackinaw' got off to a rocky start before being commissioned.
  • The village of Mackinaw City is located mostly within the township.
  • At that point it would be short haul from Petoskey to Mackinaw City.
  • The name Mackinaw City is a bit of a misnomer as it is actually a village.
  • The accident caused a dent in the bow of the Mackinaw on her starboard side.
  • A mackinaw is a heavy dense water repellent woolen cloth, such as Melton cloth.
  • [Page 55] * A mackinaw is a short, rough coat of material much like a grey horse blanket.
  • Naethe's 150 lake trout, also known as mackinaw, gave him a total of 434 as the seven weekend-long tournament passed the halfway point.
  • Lake trout, also called mackinaw, are, beyond any reasonable doubt, the primary culprits in the decline of the Blue Mesa salmon fishery.
  • It provides lake trout, also known as mackinaw, and whitefish to as many as nine organizations, including the Kalispell Indian tribe, groups in Spokane, Wash., and the Sandpoint food bank, Fish and Game officials said.

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