IPA: mˈækjuɫɪt


  • To spot; to stain; to blur.


  • Marked with spots or maculae; blotched.
  • Defiled; impure.

Examples of "maculate" in Sentences

  • What should I do to clean the maculate
  • How could he wash the maculated clothes so clean
  • This maculates the whole vehicle, and it is unbearable.
  • Kids continued to maculate the walls in the room with crayons.
  • Most maculate thoughts, master, are masked under such colours.
  • He maculated his friend for his stupid ideas and dull attitude.
  • He wore a shirt, maculated with red dots, and went into the house.
  • His maculate text of the Torah might fit in this category as well.
  • Its immaculate reputation sits totally at odds with its maculate workings.
  • He has never decided whether His mother came into the world maculate or immaculate.
  • Because the notion of blackness has been made equivalent to sin: maculate vs. immaculate, the staining of purity.
  • To-morrow's papers would provide them with full accounts, the name of Susan Brundon among the maculate details ....
  • But the tears and blood which follow violence and wrong maculate the pages of history on which their glory is recorded.
  • In the maculate atmosphere of flat wine and stale cologne he had a sharp recurrence of the scent of pines, lifting warmly in sunny space.
  • Of this half-hundred a few are used in Shakespeare, but not at present, as verbs; thus, to _maculate_, to _miracle_, to _mud_, to _mist_, to _mischief_, to _moral_ -- also
  • Well, there was no denying that, Cory thought ruefully, assimilating the pale blonde hair, artfully coiffed, the im maculate maquillage, the close fitting dove-coloured trouser suit that showed off her mother's slim, toned figure to the best advantage, and the fur jacket draped casually round her shoulders.
  • A Cordelier has no hesitation in applying the epithet of blasphemer to a Dominican who says that the Holy Virgin was born in original sin, notwithstanding that the Dominicans have a bull from the pope which permits them to teach the maculate conception in their convents, and that, besides this bull, they have in their forum the express declaration of St. Thomas Aquinas.

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