IPA: nˈɑ


  • (linguistics) A language of the Naish subbranch of the Naic group of the Sino-Tibetan languages.
  • Initialism of nerve agent. [Synonym of nerve gas]
  • (literature) Initialism of new adult. [(literature, often attributive) A genre of fiction intended to be marketed to people ages 18 to 30, focusing on issues such as leaving home, developing sexuality, and negotiating education and career choices.]
  • (medicine) Initialism of nursing assistant or nurse's assistant or nurse-assistant.
  • Initialism of Narcotics Anonymous.
  • Initialism of North America. [The continent that is the northern part of the Americas; that part east of the Pacific Ocean, west of the Atlantic Ocean, north of South America and south of the Arctic Ocean.]
  • (linguistics) Abbreviation of noun animate.


  • Initialism of Native American (“American Indian”). [Of the American Indians.]


  • (obsolete) Not.
  • (obsolete) No.
  • (Philippines, slang) Now; already.
  • (North India, slang) isn't it?.

Examples of "na" in Sentences

  • The boy is callow and naive.
  • Fergus is the most naive of the group.
  • Perhaps the point is both naive and banal.
  • Metaphor comes to the aid of the naive here.
  • Big Star is the naive cousin of The Big Time.
  • Rose is portrayed as a naive, simple minded yokel.
  • She begins the book sexually naive, but inquisitive.
  • The naive empiricism of induction was shown to be illogical by Hume.
  • It is the beautiful daughter of the family but it is foolish and naive.
  • Altogether his connexion with what I call the naïve criticism of the popular religion is unmistakable.
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  • Ba beon obedient to hare dame in alle þing · bute i sunne ane · na þing nabben þet heo hit nute · ne underuo na  {130} þing
  • In ko je bilo na tisoče let dela mojih prednikov «na sami evidentirajo in prenesla kot žive ZNANJE, si lahko stavil bom po svojih najboljših močeh prejemanje tega znanja.
  • _ Thus it is said that all the gods are one god, and this is _pr [= a] na, _ identical with _brahma_ (Brihad [= A] ranyaka Upanishad, 3.9.9); or _pr [= a] na_ is so used as to be the same with spirit, though, on the other hand,
  • But if he really shot young Hazlewood—But I canna think it, Mr. Glossin; this will be some o’ your skits3now—I canna think it o’ sae douce a lad; —na, na, this is just some o’ your auld skits—ye’ll be for having a horning or a caption after him.
  • But in the epic Pur [= a] na it is distinctly stated as a Çruti, or trite saying, that if one repents he is freed from his sin; _na tat kury [= a] m punar_ is the formula he must use, 'I will not do so again,' and then he is released from even the sin that he is going to commit a second time, as if by a ceremony -- so is the Çruti in the laws,
  • US Agrees to Talks with Iran ',' To any naysayers who say President Obama has broken all his promises, I say, with all due respect: \ "na na na na na\": AP reports: The United States and five partner countries have accepted Iran\'s new offer to hold talks, even though Iran insists it will not negotiate over its disputed nuclear program, the State Department said Friday.
  • XGACTATAN, seqttaqaam mirum, paoeos ex«tare na - Lyra* AE« HI» Honc Eli3i triboi potse mot eertos oppidoram in Elide sitorom, timide conjeetat; nam etai prima Elidis qoando ex Poljbio eonetat, Eleos ex ye - litera soleat esse H | poterat t«nien na« tere soo institato non fatsile in eivitates mas signari tom, cum id elementam coWisse» sed ruri soo fere adfixos Titam nondom fuit ab Elets receptom; deinde
  • An impetuous, gusty wind is represented as lashing the ocean at Lehua, thus picturing the emotional stir attending Kalola's departure.] [Footnote 463: The words _Puwa-i'a na hoa makani_, which literally mean that the congress of winds, _na hoa makani_, have stirred up a commotion, even as a school of fish agitate the surface, of the ocean, _puwa-i'a_, refer to the scandal caused by Ka'i-ama's conduct.]

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