IPA: nˈætʃoʊ


  • A single tortilla chip from a dish of nachos.

Examples of "nacho" in Sentences

  • That's what I like about you, nacho.
  • Ramses is the devil that Nacho must defeat.
  • In one chapter, she fell in love and Nacho.
  • Nacho Vidal joined the studio in late 2001.
  • El Nacho is also a master of the ninja arts.
  • I mean, compare nacho cheese to melted swiss.
  • On the list are tequila and nachos galacticos.
  • El Nacho is the greatest known being in the universe.
  • In the one shot, the food goes from the bowl to Nacho.
  • Oh, and the "red bag doritos" are called nacho cheese!
  • For me, and for every Texan, there is only one kind of nacho: the latter.
  • Last August, "nacho" del Valle was hit with an additional 45 years for the Atenco Resistance.
  • Just to be totally clear, the women who ordered the "nacho" were officer's wives, from a nearby Air Force base.
  • He said he made a play on the word "nacho," then told Small it was the punchline to an old joke that he couldn't remember.
  • The state of the nacho is worse than I thought if someone whose family is from Piedras Negras never thought of them the "proper" way.
  • Each nacho is its own entity (and that is key), with just enough toppings to give it flavor and a bit of heft but not enough to make it saggy or soggy.
  • With the ring upon her finger, we got off the ride and got some wine coolers and soft pretzels and dipped them in nacho cheese while listening to the country-band-of-the-hour sing love songs in the shadow of the Cotton Bowl.

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