IPA: neɪkɝ


  • (obsolete) A shellfish which contains mother-of-pearl.
  • A pearly substance made mainly of stacked layers of aragonite and organic matter which lines the interior of many shells; mother-of-pearl.

Examples of "nacre" in Sentences

  • They have nacre as the inner shell layer.
  • Much of the original nacre shell is still present.
  • Pearls and nacre are hardly as notable as meat and dairy.
  • The interior of the shell of this species has thick nacre.
  • The shell of marbled turbans is used as a source of nacre.
  • The oysters covered the bits of pearl with layers of nacre.
  • Pleurotomariidae shells are lined along the inside with nacre.
  • The interior of the shell is iridescent because of a layer of nacre.
  • The interior of the shell is pearly and iridescent because of the nacre.
  • The nacre is bluish or silvery white, and is iridescent on the posterior.
  • The animal then secretes a calcium substance called nacre to protect itself.
  • The particle is an irritant, which causes the oyster to produce a lacquer-like substance called nacre.
  • The inside shells of oysters and other shell-forming mollusks are covered with a shiny, lustrous substance called nacre, or mother-of-pearl.
  • Natural pearls are born quite by chance when the oyster can’t get rid of some particle inside and coats it with layer upon layer of a smooth, hard substance called nacre.
  • Three decades earlier, Kokichi Mikimoto, the son of a noodle maker in Toba, Japan, had perfected a method to culture pearls, the process by which a bead or piece of mantle tissue is implanted inside the fleshy part of a mollusk, forcing the creature to secrete an iridescent substance called nacre that forms a pearl.

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