IPA: nækriʌs


  • Of, or resembling nacre (mother of pearl).
  • Exhibiting lustrous or rainbow-like colors.

Examples of "nacreous" in Sentences

  • The image does not clearly show a nacreous aperture.
  • The shell is relatively soft, and lacks a nacreous layer.
  • Celestials with nacreous scales are known but rarely seen.
  • Its interior is nacreous and white or yellowish in colour.
  • This nacreous coloration of usually extends over the fins.
  • Scalation may either be metallic, nacreous calico or matte.
  • This is known as the nacreous layer, nacre, or mother of pearl .
  • The treated particles are thus suitable for use as nacreous pigments.
  • The pearl may have nacreous parts, or the pearl may or may not be nacreous.
  • Their shells lack a nacreous layer, and the gills are lamellibranch in form.
  • Unofficial Neal Asher drinking game: take a shot whenever he uses the words "nacreous" or "actinic."
  • That same wind sundered the clouds to reveal a swollen, pocked moon, and a shaft of nacreous moonglow doused the ground before my feet.
  • I am worth more, for it is I who bring them forth, sing them forth - luminous nacreous spheres tumbling forth, scattering on the ground.
  • In places the shale had flaked away giving the tower a mottled appearance; black nacreous scales littered the base of the walls and gleamed among the grasses.
  • There are other ways you can “get nacreous,” however, and thereby jump start the creative process and become the world-famous writer you've always wanted to be.
  • Her legs were encased in a sickly green, nacreous material that was solid from the knees down, breaking apart into a delicate lace patterning over her thighs and waist.
  • If, despite having your pencils lined up and a fresh piece of paper in your typewriter, or a cool white computer screen in front of you, you find yourself unable to write, it may be because you're not nacreous enough.
  • As if to correct the one or the other, he thrust his tongue into the nacreous coils of her ear, smothering all the while her breasts with his hands, lest their rocking motion somehow interfere with the process of correction.
  • The parking lot is full, the grass is covered with cars, there are even cars out on the street, everywhere there are cars, and in each car are people sheened with sweat, going nacreous as onions fried in butter; I can see through their clammy melting skin to the dry dusty dust of their bones.

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