IPA: nˈæd


  • (linguistics) noun animate dependent
  • (slang, mostly plural) testicle
  • (biochemistry) Initialism of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. [(biochemistry) An organic coenzyme involved in biological oxidation and reduction reactions.]

Examples of "nad" in Sentences

  • It is not nad never is objective science.
  • The rationale nad justification makes sense.
  • NAD was not able to change the barrier route.
  • The district centre is the bazaar of Nad Ali.
  • The protein uses NAD to catalyze the reaction.
  • NAD and NADH also differ in their fluorescence.
  • The logo and motto for NAD Con2011 are pending.
  • Otherwise this never ending debate will go on nad on and on.
  • Income is income and there is tax due, just like Canada nad the USA.
  • Niacin is converted to nicotinamide and then to NAD and NADP in vivo.
  • State Associations are affiliated with, but are independent of the NAD.
  • If a gal does get knocked up, nad does not want to keep the baby, she should have the right to terminate the pregnancy, but the method should be the Kavorkian method.
  • when i bring up history and terms nad things, i am sorry that i bring them up from a common knowledge perspective, which forces me to use certain examples, or else require the reader to learn which they wont do. mostly they are polite in ignoring what your saying while waiting for their turn to put in something equally.

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