IPA: nˈæg


  • A small horse; a pony.
  • An old, useless horse.
  • (obsolete, derogatory) A paramour.
  • Someone or something that nags.
  • A repeated complaint or reminder.
  • A persistent, bothersome thought or worry.
  • Misspelling of knack. [A readiness in performance; aptness at doing something.]


  • (transitive, intransitive) To repeatedly remind or complain to (someone) in an annoying way, often about insignificant or unnecessary matters.
  • To bother with persistent thoughts or memories.
  • To bother or disturb persistently in any way.

Examples of "nag" in Sentences

  • Don't continue to nag the dog.
  • They have always nagged me as a writer.
  • The hooks nag, the choruses are explosive.
  • You should nag your man into losing weight.
  • You should not continue to nag me and my sister.
  • It will stop the automatic updates and the nag screen.
  • The negative interrogative is the same preceded by nag.
  • I nagged my parents daily about why I should get a dog.
  • Cathy Gildiner -- the nag from the other side of the lake,
  • If you're a bloke it's probably resentment at being nagged.
  • Even to the point of being called a gadfly, he kept nagging.
  • He exhibited what was known as the nag's head Swell in St. Magnus '
  • She would have been called a nag years ago, though that was politically incorrect, he knew.
  • Gee, and so far in my story, the main nag is the guy saying, “why can’t we call the cavalry to ride in?”
  • And if she continued to scream like a banshee into his ear—well, maybe that was partly in revenge for being called a nag.
  • This Smiley had an animal which the boys called the nag of the quarter of hour, but solely for pleasantry, you comprehend, because, well understand, she was more fast as that!
  • Sad thing about this is, that even in this day and age, there are people who can read and who probably watch the news now and then who will fall for this old nag, which is even older than the Nigerian Scam aka the 419 con.
  • I had nine messages I needed to reply to, and six messages I need to print. 13 messages remained in my inbox that required action of some sort, which is a number I can live with and a realistic number of tasks to have in a short-term nag list.
  • Thus far he had made do with the hard-mouthed bay that Hakim had called a nag, and an evil-tempered pack mule that pretended every shadow was a lion waiting to pounce and kept up a constant braying that strongly tempted Sabin to cut its wretched throat.

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