IPA: nˈɑgʌ


  • (Australia) A loincloth.
  • (Indian mythology) A member of a class of semi-divine creatures, often taking the form of a very large snake and associated with water.
  • A member of a conglomeration of various tribes, living in Nagaland (India) and surrounding areas, and speaking various Tibeto-Burman languages.

Examples of "naga" in Sentences

  • The stronghold of the Naga tribes.
  • A brief history of Naga insurgency.
  • This hurts the sentiments of the Nagas.
  • Naga are not the people who worship Naga.
  • The human mate of the naga Nara and father of Nefra Naga.
  • "We think the naga should be the next recruited, or the harpies.
  • Even now Nagas form the most of the lower stratum in the North India.
  • This led to the prolongation of Naga rule in Kerala for another 450 years.
  • Metro Naga's lush forests are the main sources of potable water in the area.
  • She spent some years as an anthropologist among the Nagas of the Naga Hills.
  • The Naga were created when the Well of Eternity imploded and sundered the land.
  • A naga was a mythical serpent being that lived beneath the earth and had no sympathy whatever for anything human.
  • For this cause high initiates were called "naga," or serpents of wisdom; and a living serpent was always carried in the celebration of the mysteries.
  • Stupid, Stupid, stupid boy from Long Island (its Me) eats the ghost pepper aka the naga/bhut jolokia, worlds hottest pepper, watch and learn pansies ...
  • Further, there is no way to settle the question of whether to translate “asura-naga” as “asura and naga” as two separate castes or as one, or as “eight asuras” (“naga” can be a code word for “eight”).
  • The Indian snake creature known as the naga was believed to reside in groups apart from normal humans, and many legends tell of their secret citites hidden deep in the jungle, underground, or underwater.
  • If asura and naga were separate castes, then because five of the prophets, including Muhammad, are in the so-called naga caste, the absurd conclusion would follow that prophets from the naga caste teach the Dharmas of the asura caste.

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