IPA: nɑgˈɑri


  • A traditional administrative unit of the Minangkabau people of West Sumatra, Indonesia, consisting of a cluster of villages.
  • An ancient Indian script, the ancestor of Devanagari and Nandinagari.

Examples of "nagari" in Sentences

  • It's not their convention to use nagari.
  • I dont see any need for the nagari transliteration.
  • The use of nagari in this article is very haphazard.
  • It is also called the "nagari," or urban or urbane, script.
  • If it is in bengali, the nagari transliteration needs to go.
  • The Tamil Setu replaces the Nagari Rajaraja in the cola coins.
  • The Nagari a.k.a Kusasthalai river runs on the south of Nagari.
  • This is a one of the small village near Nagari in Chittoor district.
  • A sizeable textile manufacturing industry thrives in and around Nagari.
  • Another account has it that he was born in Ekasila nagari modern arangal .
  • _nagari_, he turns his imprisoned finger round within the closed left hand.
  • Devanagari is a compound word with two roots: deva, meaning "deity," and nagari, meaning "city."
  • Selain itu, juga ada yang mengungsi ke rumah kerabat di nagari lainnya di selingkar Danau Maninjau.
  • It contains much less of Persian than Urdu does, leaning rather to Sanscrit; it is written in the deva-nagari or Sanscrit character; is associated with
  • Today, thanks to the economic boom of the nagari restoration and the population explosion of the Archway era, Teluk Bayur was a fully improved port basin with world-class quays and mooring, a huge storage complex, and so many modern conveniences that even Jala eventually lost interest in tallying up all the tugs, sheds, cranes and loaders by tonnage.
  • When they are teenagers, they are encouraged to leave their hometown to learn from schools or from experiences out of their hometown so that when they are adults they can return home wise and ‘useful’ for the society and can contribute their thinking and experience to run the family or nagari (hometown) when they sit as the member of ‘council of uncles’. mxyzplk
  • Dr Lal reproduces the couplets in the nagari script as well. achcha hai dil ke saath rahe paasbaan-e-akl lekin kabhi - kabhi ise tanha bhi chod de auron ka payam aur mera payam aur hai ishk ke dard - mandon ka tarz e kalaam aur hai akl kya cheez hai aik waza ki pabandi hai dil ko muddat hui is kaid se azad kiya writing a series on People's History of the Punjab, on the life and work of Shiekh Farid, considered to be the first poet of the Punjabi language.

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