IPA: nˈægɝ


  • One who nags.

Examples of "nagger" in Sentences

  • I hate to be a nagger, but the name is misspelled.
  • • If you are the nagger, realize you are asking for something.
  • I would definitely not hire a "nagger" I would try and find a friend and create an
  • "I would definitely not hire a" nagger "I would try and find a friend and create an
  • Judy is a breast cancer survivor who calls herself a "nagger" for others to get regular exams.
  • It looked like a pun on the word "nagger" inviting a letter substitution that some racist obliged.
  • Other people are naturally resistant—some might say lazy—and could bring out the nagger in anyone.
  • It is a vicious circle: The naggee tires of the badgering and starts to withhold, which makes the nagger nag more.
  • View It » whats behind what? its not hate. its rejection. of sarah palin of racists like orly taitz (she was invited to be a featured speaker at the teabagger event JUST LAST WEEK) of signage at teabagger events that call obama "nagger" of grass roots claims even though we all know huge players like the Koch Family are funding this.

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