IPA: nˈægɪŋ


  • The action of the verb nag.


  • Causing persistent mild pain, or annoyance.

Examples of "nagging" in Sentences

  • (Afternote: I'm not saying their nagging is a good thing.
  • Even to the point of being called a gadfly, he kept nagging.
  • For the record I do not find joy in nagging and chastising my children.
  • So hopefully this doesn’t sound like nagging from a holier-than-thou senior editor …
  • What you call the nagging doubts Ken has prompted me to post: Nagging doubts: Confessions of a teacher trainer.
  • Their incessant nagging is getting to Jim … getting to him so much he begins acting and gesturing … like … Michael.
  • There is no future in nagging or bullying Israel to commit suicide by the admission of a fatal locust swarm of enemies.
  • I've been avoiding blogging politics lately, because I'm as sick of it as anybody else, and if you haven't already made up your mind who to vote for and figured out how to get to the polls, all the continued nagging is going to do is drive people off, at this point.

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