IPA: nˈaɪʌnt


  • (heraldry, of a fish) Depicted swimming horizontally.

Examples of "naiant" in Sentences

  • An animal or creature naiant is swimming.
  • This is a simplified form of the ancient heraldic emblem of the cook's guild, which was a hair _frizzé naiant_ in a dish of soup _maigre_.
  • If I were supporting a team, I'd go with the Saints because my HS and college colors were black-and-gold ... and so is my SCA device (sable, a narwhal naiant contourny).
  • Fish, represented swimming in fesse, are “_naiant_”; if they are in pale, they are “_hauriant_,” No. 164; but if their heads are to the base, the term “_urinant_” is said to apply, but I cannot say I have so far come across an authenticated instance of the use of this word; if their bodies are bent, as the Dolphin is generally represented, they are

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