IPA: nˈeɪf


  • Alternative spelling of naïf. [One who is naive.]


  • Alternative spelling of naïf. [Naive.]

Examples of "naif" in Sentences

  • Naif is pulling our collective leg.
  • But, perhaps I am being a bit of a naif.
  • He is a contemporary painter in the naif style.
  • I am just the latest naif to stumble into this.
  • Naif launched an in depth forensic investigation.
  • It gets tiresome to do the google work for a 'naif'.
  • One must be impartially naif or impartially critical.
  • Separating these as two articles is the work of a naif.
  • But to speak of decline of civilization is naif, honestly.
  • (And I'm saying this as a real econ naif, so go easy on me.)
  • Barack Obama embraced this consensus during the campaign, only to be called a naif and an appeaser.
  • If, that is, the naif didn't know this was the same Mitch McConnell who has turned filibustering into an art form.
  • There are divisions here, genuine ideological disagreements about how to approach so many of these problems, and only a naif would dismiss that.
  • The first century Egyptian funerary "Mummy Portraits," on wood panels, so vivid and naif, inspired styles of Christian icon paintings that lasted well into the 19th century in Russia.
  • But the sense in which the term naif should be understood in literary criticism is so imperfectly agreed upon among us, that we have not yet even found an English equivalent for the word.
  • The Liar in Chief has ties with Sachs, colludes with the CEO and he, this inept naif with no business background is telling Wall St,. and me, and you, because 54% of us are investors Obama, to shape up or they will come down on the system.
  • Banyak di antara para menginginkan orang Batak, orang Melayu, KH Abdurrahman Wahid adalah tokoh nasional yang sejak awal mengedepankan politisi yang berasal dari akademisi menjadi orang Jawa, atau keturunan Chinese yang pernah mengenyam pendidikan saja pun di belakang tim pemenangan para calon pluralisme dan kemajemukan di Indonesia sehingga patut disebut sebagai Bapak berani mengajukan dirinya bahkan banyak dalam berbagai pemilihan umum baik un - terkesan "naif" dengan pernyataan-pernya - lebih cocok.

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