IPA: nˈeɪɫbˈaɪtɪŋ


  • That causes nervous anticipation or suspense

nail biting

IPA: nˈeɪɫbaɪtɪŋ


  • the habit of biting one's fingernails.


IPA: nˈeɪɫbˈaɪtɪŋ


  • alternative form of nail biting [the habit of biting one's fingernails.]


  • alternative spelling of nail-biting [That causes nervous anticipation or suspense]

Examples of "nail-biting" in Sentences

  • Then there were moments of nail-biting thrills, from Kate's airport escape to Sayid's force-fed swim session.
  • "Lippman lets each character contribute a piece to the whole, which makes the story richer, and there's some nail-biting suspense."
  • The ending here was somewhat lacking, focusing more on Fleck's personal descent than resolving the nail-biting action that preceded it.
  • The nail-biting contest between two previous winners and the supercomputer was dubbed by the press as the "ultimate man versus machine showdown".
  • Ellis swapped sprint victories with Dunn throughout the middle section of the race and beat her rival into second place in the ninth, closing the gap to two points to set up a nail-biting finish.
  • Cherry says he realistically needs to know by the end of February if he will be ending the current season with another nail-biting cliffhanger or wrapping up his Wisteria Lane shenanigans for good.
  • Those sensitive topics are not featured in the television series, which features nail-biting battle scenes and the stories of real people affected by terrorism - among them bereaved relatives and a young woman kidnapped and molested by insurgents.
  • They line up along a worn river bank in the towns near the launch pad on Cape Canaveral, waiting for days, then nail-biting hours, to see a group of people embark on a completely different kind of journey, this one powered by rockets that do zero to 17,000 mph in 8.5 minutes.

Examples of "nailbiting" in Sentences

  • Now there's nailbiting tension and great playacting too.
  • We are something like 8 point favorites but there will be big time nailbiting tonight.
  • It's a nailbiting strategy to watch from outside, but from Saturday on this is Obama's show.
  • Might be a nailbiting week if Springburn Labour see a chance to 'steal' in the baseball sense of course.
  • The same can go for smoking (who wants to pay $10 a pack in London?), eating sweets, nailbiting, or booty-calling ex-boyfriends.
  • Unfortunately, the Americans couldn't finish the deal, losing to Japan in the Championship Game in a nailbiting shootout after a 2-2 tie.
  • Australia's dramatic win over South Africa won't go down as the most iconic game of the 2011 Rugby World Cup, despite its nailbiting finish.
  • The nailbiting bridge between Beckett and Mamet in his plays, Pinter has at the same time been happy to subsume his stylizations to the service of other visions.
  • Show me the sports lover who didn't proudly contract RSI as they channel-hopped between Arsenal v Birmingham and the nailbiting final overs of England v India on Sunday.
  • Christine Powell district9 was great .the entire family was disgusting at first but suspensful nailbiting 16 yr old son was rooting for the aliens and feeling empathy.all we can hope for is another sequel so christopher can come back and help in some way blog comments powered by Disqus

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