nail down

IPA: nˈeɪɫdˈaʊn


  • (transitive) to attach with nails
  • (idiomatic, transitive) to make something (e.g. a decision or plan) firm or certain

Examples of "nail-down" in Sentences

  • But there are always ways to nail-down that celebrity factor at a fraction of the price.
  • Damn! Clinton was counting on Rubio's endorsement to nail-down the Republican nomination ...
  • When they have to come in to a game in a non-save situation they cannot possibly have the same mentality as when they are trying to nail-down a victory.
  • The discussion has hit mainstream and many operators are scrambling to nail-down their short-term and long-term strategies to manage the data traffic growth in their networks.
  • The floors on both levels are all original nail-down oak strips with exposed nail heads, except for the kitchen, where wider pine plank underlayment has been refinished and exposed.
  • Today's Fall may not cruise in the high gears of their eighties incarnation but they can still nail-down a groove with that same blend of ruthless precision and perverse amateurishness. F-'oldin '
  • Paris is home territory, but as the only two honest cops around, they are sent throughout the country, so we see aspects of the Occupation from different perspectives; yet everywhere there is the nightly ink of the blackout and the nail-down of the curfew.
  • Thus, if 'we' have anything to we guilty about, or not doing enough (before the election to address and nail-down as a commitment before we GAVE our votes to this man, it is that we should have DEMANDED that he make a public pledge, make a commitment, damn near give us a contract, that he would confront the EMPIRE that is the source of all our problems and 'sorrows' (as Chalmers Johnson says).

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