nail polish

IPA: nˈeɪɫpˈɑɫɪʃ


  • A cosmetic lacquer applied to the fingernails or toenails.


IPA: nˈeɪɫpʌɫɪʃ


  • Alternative form of nail polish [A cosmetic lacquer applied to the fingernails or toenails.]

Examples of "nailpolish" in Sentences

    Examples of "nail-polish" in Sentences

    • I'm a huge Essie nail-polish fan but I hate the color Fiji.
    • I store it in a small container with the nail-polish remover so it's always handy.
    • His unusual nail-polish colors often attract waiting lists long before they arrive in stores.
    • The salon had the same nail-polish smell as conventional places, and we wish they'd done a better job pumicing our rough heels.
    • Attacks on the London public transit system in July 2005 relied on backpack bombs assembled from compounds found in nail-polish remover and hair bleach.
    • "It's not hard to design a nail-polish color that lasts a season, but a classic must last forever and please women all over the world," says Mr. Philips.
    • Norma's Tacos Gas station touches at this cute-as-a-button stand, which became an eatery just last year, include old-fashioned, nail-polish red pumps no fuel—they're decorative.
    • • Scents "have personalities," Ms. Wright said, sniffing a paper strip soaked in isoamyl acetate, which, on a first whiff, smells like nail-polish remover but quickly morphs into bubble gum and pear.
    • Mr. Philips, the Belgian hired three years ago as Chanel's creative director for makeup, has made his name with unconventional nail-polish colors—from the taupe-toned Particulière, to Jade green, to the Mimosa yellow due to hit stores in May.

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