nail varnish

IPA: nˈeɪɫvˈɑrnɪʃ


  • (UK, Ireland) A cosmetic lacquer applied to the fingernails or toenails.

Examples of "nail-varnish" in Sentences

  • It was a sudden nail-varnish green and it went like stink.
  • He accepted a very small glass of red wine and savored its nail-varnish hue and bouquet.
  • And they're covered in black nail-varnish, it's chipped, but it still looks pretty good.
  • This will ensure a clean surface, free of any traces of a nail-varnish remover or natural oils, which can lift your varnish.
  • The top of the nail-varnish bottle had fallen and I picked it up and she stuck it back although the bottle was empty: there'd been five or six gashes in the sheepskin.
  • But these things take time and make you smell funny, so happily I turn to specially manufactured wipes, saturated with something like nail-varnish remover but less poisony.
  • After an uncounted passage of days it occurred to him that he was starving to death, because he could smell his body reeking of nail-varnish remover; but as he felt neither hungry nor thirsty, he decided there was no point bothering to find food.

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