IPA: nˈeɪɫbrʌʃ


  • A small brush, with firm bristles, used to clean the fingernails or to scrub the hands.


  • (transitive) To scrub with a nailbrush.

Examples of "nailbrush" in Sentences

  • Or stolen the missing nailbrush in the upstairs loo? '
  • His wiry, bony hands ignore a nailbrush and the luxury of lemon.
  • To keep them clean, the nailbrush and soap and water should be used once or oftener daily, as circumstances demand.
  • Clive returned from the washroom where he'd spent a quarter of an hour scraping at the coal-dust with the nailbrush.
  • The nails should have a vigorous rubbing with a good nailbrush in the morning before your meals and before you go to bed at night.
  • In the soft light his hands glow pink from the half-hour hot-water-and-nailbrush treatment he performs as part of his evening toilette.
  • Occasionally a little pumice stone, in impalpable powder, or powdered cuttlefish bone, putty powder (polisher's peroxide of tin), may be used along with water and a piece of wash-leather, flannel, or the nailbrush, for the same purpose.
  • Indeed, while Victorians bathed regularly and believed in fresh air, they generally had only one toothbrush per household; the family toothbrush, if you will, in much the same way that families now have one nailbrush, or one shoe-polishing kit.

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