IPA: nˈeɪɫɝ


  • One whose occupation is to make nails; a nail maker.
  • One who fastens with, or drives, nails.
  • A nailgun.
  • A piece of dimensional lumber and/or plywood secured to the deck or wall which provides a receiving medium for the fasteners. (Sometimes referred to as blocking.)

Examples of "nailer" in Sentences

  • That is the story of thy Nailer.
  • Nailer is a young boy from wexford town.
  • A firing safety for a pneumatic nailer or stapler is disclosed.
  • A nailer for repeatively driving nails one at a time into material.
  • Compressed air is the customary power source for nailers and paint sprayers.
  • The name may well mean nailer , that is it drives like a nail in to its enemy.
  • Example searches: digital cameras, pin nailer, glider, bouncy house, outdoor dining set
  • Its ads use a photo of a pneumatic nailer bearing the color orange and the name “Pneu Fast.”
  • In 1827 a sampling of occupations is: teamster, attorney, cooper, pail-maker, nailer, and tavern keeper.
  • As a low-level Nixon-nailer, and as a moral enabler and adamant defender of Bill's moral lapses and obstruction of justice and against his being disbarred.
  • A nailer is a man who makes nails.] that knock about the poor collier-boys; and the nailers that file off their lads 'noses and hammer their fingers; and all the master sweeps, like my master Grimes?
  • Yes | No | Report from dave the bowhunter wrote 1 week 14 hours ago that is kind of like saying the guy with the nail gun is a better nailer cuz he can shoot more nails with a nail gun faster, so give him the trophy
  • But as for chimney-sweeps, and collier-boys, and nailer lads, my sister has set good people to stop all that sort of thing; and very much obliged to her I am; for if she could only stop the cruel masters from ill-using poor children, I should grow handsome at least a thousand years sooner.
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