IPA: nˈeɪnsˈʊk


  • A soft, fine muslin of South Asian origin, sometimes used to make baby clothes.

Examples of "nainsook" in Sentences

  • The striped and plaid nainsook are used for the same purposes.
  • I went everywhere for your French nainsook, but every shop was just out of it.
  • Nainsook is a fine, soft muslin fabric, often to used to make babies' clothing.
  • The framework and ribs were made entirely of Riga pine; the surface fabric was nainsook.
  • Slips are usually made of some very soft material such as nainsook, batiste, pearline, or sheer lawn cloth.
  • She wore a white duck skirt, a soft nainsook blouse open at the throat, the sailor collar knotted with a red silk scarf.
  • “‘And yourself, she thought in her nainsook, you want him to be Uncle Remus goes to war, then the old happy fishing patriot.’”
  • During the summer months nainsook caps or other thin materials are to be preferred to the heavy crocheted caps that are sometimes worn by babies.
  • The finest and softest of French and Scotch flannels, French linen, dimity, nainsook, and India silk are always dainty and they should be made up very simply with little trimming, but that of the finest.
  • At home it had been so clear that for six dressing jackets there would be needed twenty-four yards of nainsook at sixteen pence the yard, which was a matter of thirty shillings besides the cutting-out and making, and these thirty shillings had been saved.

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