IPA: nɑˈivɫi


  • In a naive manner.

Examples of "naively" in Sentences

  • He recalls naively thinking: "Great, I can donate every year then".
  • Having extended such a gesture, 'naively'as a First Lady she was used as propaganda.
  • Yet for two weeks, many of us continued to "naively" believe in these brave, young Egyptians.
  • She was astonished -- she was touched to the heart, by what she called naively the conversion of Jacqueline.
  • And I would listen politely, almost naively, which is interviewers 'technique, and you get more information that way.
  • "The White-headed Conundrum," or "No Sarvey" -- an expression naively supposed to suggest to quick intelligences the Spanish _quien sabe_.
  • To the naively ignorant, the English words "Peter" and "rock" are so different that it's obvious that Jesus was referring to the faith Simon Peter received as a gift from the Father.

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