IPA: nɑivʌti


  • naïveté

Examples of "naivety" in Sentences

  • His naivety is evident in his foreign policy pilosophy and his view of racial equality.
  • I do teach with the rider that to follow what I say in political naivety is just to write a suicide note.
  • The main character naivety is good for the plot and funny, but it makes impossible for me to relate to her.
  • And, yes, I'm aware that by even asking that question, it becomes painfully obvious that my naivety is showing.
  • This naivety is the reason Nigerians want to give you millions of dollars for helping them move their fortunes to U.S. bank accounts.
  • My personal definition of naivety is based on the time we had a warmish day in February in Albany, NY and I thought, Hey, so maybe spring is early this year.
  • He also defended a speech that the Pope gave last year that linked Islam and violence, saying it had been an attempt by the pontiff to "act against a certain naivety".
  • If I had to guess I would say Obama thinks that by smacking Israel around he’ll get Arab help with Iran (his naivety is charming to be sure) - or that Israel is about to bomb Iran and Obama is running for cover.
  • He's someone who learned the hard way about how naivety is exploited on that scene, with underage actors blithely cast in barebacking scenes by studio guys who pay little attention to age certification legislation.

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