IPA: nʌdʒʌ


  • A member of the Naja genus of venomous snakes; cobras
  • A necklace or pendant made in the shape of the traditional Navajo symbol of a crescent.

Examples of "naja" in Sentences

  • NAJA is a seasoned membership organization.
  • Del Naja has said it was more my direction on this record.
  • Hi, Some of the changes you made in the Naja page are erroneous.
  • Del Naja is a key member of the wider Bristol Urban Culture scene.
  • Common cobra Naja naja occurs in areas of disturbed agricultural land.
  • NAJA encouraged young Native Americans to pursue journalism as a career.
  • The clone, however, exhibited behavior much different from the real Naja.
  • Just go to or call 405-325-9008 for the answers to all of your questions.
  • They form a literary school known in Russia as oblitchitel naja (accusing, refuting).
  • The eighteen recorded snake species include king cobra Ophiophagus hannah and spectacled cobra Naja naja, three vipers and six sea-snakes.
  • The reptilian fauna includes water monitor Varanus salvator, Indian python Python molurus, common cobra Naja naja and king cobra N. hannah.
  • Ah, those maladette bestie di serpenti -- they swarmed among the rocks: they were of every kind and size; worst of all, the spleenful naja.
  • Kipling not only conveys a vivid sense of danger and wickedness but also describes the appearance and defensive behavior of Naja naja, the Indian cobra, with as precise an eye as any herpetologist.
  • The capture of venomous snakes has dramatically reduced the numbers of rare species such as the Central Asian cobra (Naja naja oxiana) and sand echis (Echis carinatus) as well as many common species.
  • Other reptiles in the area are leopard gecko (Eublepharis macularius), which is common throughout the ecoregion; the Indian cobra (Naja naja), found in Baluchistan; and the Central Asian cobra (Naja oxiana) from the northwest plains.

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