naked eye

IPA: nˈeɪkʌdaɪ


  • Eyesight, unaided by equipment such as a telescope or microscope.


IPA: nˈeɪkʌdˈaɪ


  • Pertaining to the unaided eye, as in unaided sight.

Examples of "naked-eye" in Sentences

  • It is hard to be excited about the other naked-eye planets this month.
  • After the initial naked-eye assessment, Mr. Risser began drawing on different imaging methods to analyze the piece.
  • Our Milky Way "owns" 160 known globulars, of which the two brightest are naked-eye objects in the southern hemisphere.
  • Brightening from mag 0.5 to -0.4, it should become a naked-eye object and an easy binocular one if our horizon is clear.
  • Chi, alongside the neck, pulsates between naked-eye and dim telescopic brightness roughly mag 5 to 13 every 13 months or so.
  • The other naked-eye planets are about to participate in their most compact grouping for years, though the event will go largely unobserved from Britain.
  • His revolutionary model was based on complex mathematical calculations and naked-eye observations of the heavens; the telescope had not yet been invented.
  • In my opinion, the 1806 Pointed 6 is a scarce and undervalued issue with enough of a naked-eye “coolness factor” that it should sell for at least a 15-20% premium over a common date.
  • The great planet that they crawled up on, till it showed a visible naked-eye disc, was larger than Jupiter, a companion to the star, somewhat younger and larger the the Sun, around which it swung at a lordly distance.
  • Mr. Horkheimer, who died Friday at 72, was as celestial guide at Miami's Space Transit Planetarium since the 1960s, and in 1976 started his weekly five-minute PBS show, billed as the only national program devoted to naked-eye astronomy.

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