IPA: nˈeɪkʌdnʌs


  • The state or condition of being naked; nudity; bareness; defenselessness; undisguisedness.

Examples of "nakedness" in Sentences

  • But, today, such nakedness is conceit, based on labels and designer names.
  • If the nakedness is not that of a spouse or child, loss of appetite can be a side effect.
  • The only marked difference the Rafess are fully clothed, nakedness is Haram in Islam, even in a splintered group of Rafaees.
  • For those of us that are Christians have we considered that Jesus died on the cross in nakedness bearing the shame of our nakedness?
  • In fact, more so, if the nakedness is an extremely fit Gerard Butler, and he’s yelling things and kicking people in the solar plexus.
  • For nakedness is both innocence and perversity, the province of the very young and the promiscuous, but not normal, and never unattached.
  • They might reach it either through losing the present body, in the act of death, and passing through a period of what he calls nakedness; or they might attain it by being
  • But the same writer observed nevertheless that his forte was the portrayal of patriarchs: we identify Rowbotham with vigorous old age: the gnarled oak, boisterous in nakedness, and we wish, with all the imperfections of this actor, that the
  • More important than that though, is that your nakedness be not discovered thereon, because the word nakedness leads us right back to Genesis chapter three where Adam and Eve were found in the garden of Eden knowing for the first time that they were naked.

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