IPA: ˈoʊf


  • (derogatory) A person, especially a large male, who is clumsy or a simpleton.
  • (obsolete) An elf's child; a changeling left by fairies or goblins, hence, a deformed or foolish child.

Examples of "oaf" in Sentences

  • Oaf is a large dim witted person.
  • An oaf is a large dim witted person.
  • You are more of an oaf than I thought.
  • Yet again, the oaf has destroyed my day.
  • The rescuer is a great, overmuscled, bossy, selfish oaf.
  • He is a gigantic oaf, very strong but stupid and gullible.
  • Don't give that duplicitous and stupid oaf jackass more money.
  • Larry proves to be an incurable oaf and Burns gets tired of him.
  • In addition to being a pig headed brat, you are also an illiterate oaf.

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